logo_Since the successful deployment of the world’s first XML appliance in production in 2001, we have managed stay put as one of the world’s leading providers for completely secure and scalable XML-based Web services and applications. We are also deemed as one of the best go-to places for client-servicing and best-in-class solutions for all XML-related issues.

Through our collaborative and highly innovative working environment, we have managed to be the only company that has deployed XML networking equipment to over 1000 different enterprises, carriers, and government agencies across the globe. We value our extraordinary clientele and we believe in providing complete and dedicated services to satisfy our clients’ needs. Our relationships have sustained throughout the various updates that are taking place in the world of IT and technology, and we continue providing our services through all the peaks and flats within the realms of business.


Our journey through this industry has been a great one.  Currently, we are riding on the wings of an extremely driven and dedicated workforce, whose sole aim is to achieve the mission put in front of them by the company. Our teams consist of highly-trained and experienced professionals who have learned the science and art of providing highly optimized web application services within the world of XML. We believe in complete transparency and accountability, making sure that customer satisfaction is never deterred.

Having been in the industry for 15 years now, we have evolved our processes to be customer-centric and we plan on expanding the reach of the company to the far ends of the end.

Our Vision

We aim to be the #1 provider and partner to customer’s seeking to add value to their systems and achieve growth unceasingly.

Our Mission

We are highly committed to providing A-Z tailor-made solutions to XML-based Web application problems and come up with innovative and creative modes of progress that provide high levels of quality and cost-effective servicing to all customers.