Securing Your Business XML-Based Web Services

When developing your network for your business, it is critical to engage a reliable company to provide your web services. Basically, these services refer to any type of software that is made available to users through online channels. In general, the web services use an XML-based messaging protocol to communicate, which allows all machines to interact effectively. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that all your XML-based web services are secured sufficiently. This will protect your system and even promote optimal efficiency during communications.

Here are some of the critical features that you should look for before acquiring a security product for your business XML services:

Digital Signature and Integrity

One of the important components of security products for XML-based web services is digital signature. This is the mathematical technique which is utilized to validate the messages and confirm the integrity of interactions sent through XML platforms. In simple terms, the digital signature is essentially like a seal or handwritten signature because it provides evidence of the origin and status of any message. You should ensure that the security product incorporated into your business has a digital signature feature. This will solve problems related to digital impersonations and tampering during communications. In summary, digital signatures are critical in authenticating messages, confirming the integrity since the data was sent and promoting non-repudiation.


A good product designed to enhance security for XML-based web services should provide confidentiality. This means that you should make certain that the product will provide encryption. The messages that are transferred between machines are sent through diverse channels. Therefore, they might be vulnerable to hackers and other unauthorized parties. This aspect of security converts the information into cipher text. Anyone who wants to read the message will require a decryption key to decode it. If you have incorporated this encryption aspect into the security protocol of your web services, the data from and to your network will not be understood easily by the malicious individuals.

Key Management

You should ensure that your security product provides key management functions for your XML-based web services. In general, there is a public key infrastructure that is available for users of all computer networks. This infrastructure is responsible for the distribution of the general public encryption keys and their identification. Consequently, users are able to securely exchange information and communicate over public networks like the internet. It is important to choose a security product with key management functions because it will help you manage different aspects of the PKI. The functions include storing authentication certificate requests, permissions and revoking suspicious interactions. In addition, the product can make the certificate database and store which handles the local certificates and private keys more efficient.

Firewall Feature

A good security product for your XML web services should provide firewall capabilities to protect your computers and network. This is a critical security feature that is priceless in protecting your company against malicious messages and non-authorized infiltration. Basically, this feature will act as a barrier which controls the incoming and outgoing traffic according to an established set of rules. Consequently, your business network will only have dealing with trusted traffic.

If you are looking to enhance your business network security, consider incorporating a software solution that will provide these outlined components. Explore our website for more information on our quality security and scaling products designed for XML-based web services.