7 Tips on hiring a professional IT Consulting Company

Many companies nowadays cater for clients’ demand as much as they can, or to the best of their abilities. In this regard, they require high quality consulting services to maintain their customers. Information technology consulting entails advising companies how to put information into proper use to achieve their goals. Hiring a professional IT Consulting Company is usually a hectic process. The same applies to starting any consulting business. However, technology has made it easier for individuals to venture into the consulting business making finding a great consulting company… tricky.

Obviously, companies want to hire the best in the industry; they want to hire experts. Experts bring in a new touch of skills that the company lacks. In other words, they may invent new ways to carry out different tasks that may in turn generate jobs for the company.

Companies need additional achievements. Apart from daily tasks, companies should be able to address their own difficulties and create solutions for the same. This means that consultants are required on a temporary basis to offer their skills. This saves costs as well as retaining workers. Companies require extra advice from non-employees. This calls for consultants who have earned immense experience from day-to-day work. A company consultant is as good as a family doctor therefore.

The following are simple but useful tips on how to go about hiring a professional consulting company:

1. Ensure you understand what the company’s work entails. A company has broad duties for its employees. Ascertain whether your requirements match with what the company is offering. Further, understand what business the company is offering. For instance, there are companies that may not need information technology services. This gives you a clue on what to expect from the job.

2. Review the billing details of the company. Before diving into any agreement, stop to check the company’s payment system. In the same way don’t be quick to reveal your billing details. You can proceed to accept the contract once the negotiations are through.

The contract should however contain detailed information. This includes milestones, the payment schemes, and deadlines and hours the job will take. This way you will be on the same page.

3. Gather information on the company’s previous consultants. Request the company to assist you with previous information of their former consultants. This gives you some background information on whom the company dealt with.

4. Establish why the company needs a consultant. There are many reasons as to why companies require consultants. Ensure that the same reasons are genuine.

5. Determine the company’s goals. This includes the results the company seeks to achieve during that period.

6. Establish clear and open communication skills. Remember communication is key to the success of any relationship. Establish a straightforward communication channel between the staff and the consultant. In this manner, consultants will impart new skills to the company.

7. Obtain the employment status of the consulting company through reference letters. In addition, conduct a thorough interview to ascertain his skills as an information technology guru. It is also important to discern whether the consulting company is an independent contractor or an employee. First, determine if the company has control over the employee, if the answer is yes then he or she is an employee. What is more is to look at the finances of the particular consultant. Does the employer control them? If the answer is to the affirmative then that is an employee.

If the consultant is an independent contractor, you may want to have control over him. This way there will be a guarantee that he will perform the duties well. Create an Intellectual Property address to protect the company from the flaws of the consultant.


When choosing a consultant go for a realistic individual. One who can withstand the company’s challenges. Such individuals have previously exhibited exemplary skills in their previous jobs. Do not be afraid to try out consultants recommended to you by friends and colleagues. Technology has revolutionized how we view things. Now almost any business entails programming, downloading and installing aspects. We cannot afford to run from this.

When hiring a professional consulting company, make sure you choose wisely. It could actually mean the difference between you making a profit or loss.

What Is XML and Why Is It So Important?

With so many languages in the programming world, it can be confusing to keep track of the purpose of each language.  Lucky for you, today we are tackling exactly: What is XML and why you should care about it.

XML in full stands for “Extensible Markup Language”. This format was introduced in the 1990s and was encrypted in 1998 as a member of the W3C. It serves to transport information. Further, this format is independent as it uses it own tags. What is remarkable is that that web developers are free to choose the language they may wish to include in their web pages. Hence, XML is technically a “markup” language.

To break things further down, a markup language refers to a platform used by individuals to underline documents. By nature, it is easy for students and authors to edit their scholarly work. XML is available for Microsoft Word and Adobe platforms. At the moment, XML has been accepted by many entities from mobile phones to companies. It can be used in an online and offline state.

In more simpler terms, XML is defined as a set of laws that are used in encoding documents in a design that can be read by both machines and human beings. This format has often been applied as a default program by many web developers. For example, Microsoft Word, Open Document, and Apple iWork use this software as a default program for open word documents.

Not surprisingly, the use of XML has taken root globally.

Key features of XML

A good XML document has the following features:

• It is simple. This means that data incorporated in an XML document is readable by the client. This information should be processed by computers swiftly. What is the purpose of using XML if it cannot be read easily?

• It is open. Openness entails the availability of this product on the internet. Members of the W3C have the first priority of accessing XML once it has been released. Non-W3C members can also access the same. This shows the availability of XML to everyone.

• It can read machine related content. Machines can read XML data and even further interpret it. The same applies to human beings.

• It is extensible. Here, web developers can generate their own Document Type Definitions (DTDs). A DTD is a set of rules that is used to authenticate documents. This is therefore a guide used by XML tools to verify information that is required. DTDs allow authors to select referencing styles that are accepted only by XML.

Why is XML Important?

XML enhances independence. Web developers are not limited to any rules. As such, they can create their own tags at their own peril.

XML is vast and efficient. Web designers can now develop tags that match the needs of their audience. Also, at the moment, it is easy for individuals to share data between two computers saving time as a result. They can also recycle information used for other purposes.

XML is flexible. It does not compel web developers to stick to existing rules but rather they can incorporate some rules in areas such as referencing and citation.

XML converts data swiftly and efficiently. Individuals can use XML to HTML documents. The process is quick and information obtained is intact. What’s more is that people can use XML to showcase tiny and large information readable.

XML has been used to generate brand new internet words. An example is the XHTML and the WML. The latter has often been installed in mobile devices.

XML has increased sales for many web developers since they can generate as many web pages as they wish. They can also dictate how information will appear on the website and in what order hence safeguarding monopoly.

Initially XML was meant to assist web designers. However this has changed with time. XML now serves quite a large audience that includes; companies, scientists, authors, publicists, desktop publishers among others. Authors can publish as many languages as they wish since the format will edit errors and unwanted mistakes.

XML is the best online platform any individual should strive to use! Since this mechanism has been subscribed to W3C, it means that it has attained international standards. This is a guarantee that the product is of high quality and efficient.

Understanding the different aspects surrounding XML can prove to be very essential, if not outright beneficial for a web designer.

Debunking the 15 Most Popular Myths Survival Blogs are Talking About

In recent times of survival blogs, the number of people who want to remain all-prepared to survive any kind of life-threatening situation is increasing at a fast pace. Survivalists are always hungry for the newest and most effective ways which can save their lives in testing times. However, you must remember that believing and acting upon the wrong survival information can put your life in potential danger. So let’s take a look at the most absurd survival myths and how they can endanger your life.

Finding Food Should Be Your First Priority

No, it shouldn’t be. The natural fat reserves of your body can allow you to survive for weeks without food! In case of a natural disaster or any other life-threatening situation, you’re more likely to die from exposure, injury, illness, attack, or poisoning. But you won’t die from starvation in extreme survival situations. So put your efforts and energies into resolving other important issues first.

If you’re stuck In the Desert, You Must Find Water by Any Means!

Finding water is surely important to survive in a desert. However, we advise you not to panic and run around in the scorching sun in search for water. Retaining your body’s water should be your priority. Excessive sweating and direct exposure of sunlight can kill you within 4 to 5 hours, whereas, if you stay in the shade and reserve your body’s moisture, you can actually survive for two days without water. So go water-hunting during the nighttime only!

You Can Outrun a Lion or a Bear

No, you can’t! These animals run at a speed of up to 30mph which is actually faster than the speed of Usain Bolt, even if you can run like him. So don’t ever attempt to outrun these animals. Carry bear spray and try to hide in such situations. Climbing trees is also a good option.

Sucking the Venom Out Of a Snake Bite Can Save Your Life

The University of Arizona conducted clinical trials and revealed that sucking a venomous bite actually helps in further spreading the venom in your body. Also, compression kits and ice will worsen the bite. The best option is to bandage the wound and try to find immediate medical aid.

You Should Move to a Higher Altitude If It’s Chilly on the Valley Floor

It’s true that if you go to higher ground, there’ll be a few degrees’ increase in the temperature because of the inversion layers. However, it’s not a clever choice because higher altitudes have chilly winds too. Also, it’s immensely difficult to start fires there.

Alcohol Consumption Can Keep You Warm and Alive

This is literally a disastrous approach for survival. First of all, alcohol only makes you feel warmer while it actually decreases your natural body temperature. Secondly, excessive alcohol consumption will make your mind go numb and you might even slip into unconsciousness.

If an Earthquake Strikes, Stand In a Doorway

This approach doesn’t work for every kind of building. Older buildings had very strong and secure doorways. However, we can’t say the same about modern architecture. The best option is to search for a staircase and hide under it. Or to find strong furniture like a big wooden table and take cover. Also, cover your head with your hands to avoid head injury.

When Stuck In a Frozen Area, Eating Snow Can Keep You Hydrated

Try to melt the snow beforehand and then drink it. Directly eating snow will exhaust your body as your body continuously applies energy to melt this snow into liquid. You could also heat the snow with a flashlight, if you have a high powered Shadowhawk x800. These are one of the most highly rated survival tools on the market.

You Can Punch a Shark in the Nose

While a well-directed punch in the shark’s nose will probably send it away, it’s more likely that your hand will end up right in its mouth. Hence, in case of a shark attack, it’s better to hit its gills or eyes.

Watching Different Survival Shows Can Save Your Life

Always remember, the adventurous survival shows like Man vs. Wild are highly fictitious and scripted. They majorly focus on the entertainment factor and TRPs. So don’t watch these shows for the purpose of learning effective and real survival techniques.

You Simply Need Two Sticks to Start a Fire

Starting a fire is not that simple. You also need a fire board and kindling along with sticks to start a fire. In extremely cold and windy situations, you’ll also need a top-rock and string to make a fire-bow. The best way is to always have a stock of storm-proof matches with you. Some of the top tactical flashlights are equipped with fire starters which can be a life saver.

In Case Of Bleeding, Use a Tourniquet

Tourniquets can surely save lives. But always use them as the last option when you’re almost sure of losing a limb without it. Also, once you’ve applied it, don’t ever remove it on your own as it may release harmful toxins directly into your bloodstream which can initiate blood poisoning. You must also remember the exact time of application of a tourniquet as the doctors will require this information for correct treatment of your wound.

If Impaled By a Sharp Object, Pull It Out Right Away

It’s a spontaneous human reaction to pull out an impaled object as soon as possible. However, it’s never beneficial. Pulling out an impaled object makes your wound bleed out faster and the hemorrhage gets worse. You can simply bleed to death if you can’t find immediate held to stop the bleeding. Hence, the best option is to address the area surrounding the wound and look for medical aid.

When Making a Shelter, It’s the Roof That Matters The Most

Most of the people worry about the roof while building a shelter. However, it’s the ground that holds utmost importance. Secure bedding is far more important than a roof over your head. You should be focusing on creating a bed that’ll save you from the harms of insect bites, moisture, and thorns. So don’t waste your limited resources in creating a roof first. Once, you’ve successfully created a bed, focus on the roof.

Boiling Water Is Safe To Drink

The heat destroys the bacteria and other microbes. However, the dirt and muck require filtration. The best way is to filter the water by making a makeshift filtration system using a fabric or shirt, then boil the water and drink it.

We hope that this useful information helps you in surviving the toughest of times!

Fitness and body building bloggers going crazy over nitric oxide

One of the trendiest topics in the health industry is nitric oxide. Blogs all over the web are talking about it and it’s not loosing popularity. What’s so important about it that’s creating so much buzz? Let’s look at the details of what it is and how it is being used.

Nitric oxide is an essential component that everyone needs in their body to keep key physiological functions on the right track, especially bodybuilders. Nitric oxide supplements can prove useful in increasing levels by increasing blood flow in certain parts of the body and reduce the buildup of lactic acid thus increasing the efficiency of a workout [1]. However, ingesting them long term can result in a number of other ailments which can crop up during later years.

Besides the inability to sustain long bodybuilding sessions, signs of nitric oxide deficiency include the inability to maintain an erection, extreme fatigue and physical weakness. However, if this component is sufficient in the body it can benefit in a number of ways.

The Benefits of Nitric Oxide

As discussed before nitric oxide is particularly important for athletes and bodybuilders who spend most of their time working out or performing in the field. A continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients means that people can exercise for longer periods of time irrespective of the sport they are taking part in or the workouts they indulge in [2].

Since cardiac response and blood flow are elevated during rigorous physical activities, the muscles get a continuous supply of oxygen. However, when that supply depletes, it can lead to the production of lactic acid which eventually leads to muscle fatigue. At that point continuing any exercise is out of the question.

Sufficient nitric oxide in the bloodstream can prevent this from happening too quickly during a workout. Eating green vegetables can increase and speed up the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to stressed muscles thus improving performance. It also speeds up the removal of ammonia which can be produced in the body during rigorous workouts and it also extends glucose intake by cells exponentially. In fact, NO is known for benefiting the body on a cellular level by:

  • Improving memory and behavior by transmitting info between cells in the body.
  • Aiding the immune system in battling bacteria and preventing tumors from forming.
  • Improving sleep quality.
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Increasing endurance and strength.

Most of the benefits on the list are directly linked to cardiovascular health which is directly linked to NO production in our bodies. The inner walls of our arteries produce nitric oxide and when plaque starts to build up, that is when all of the problems start. At that point our bodies stop producing nitric oxide on a regular basis which is why most doctors prescribe this for heart patients. It is also prescribed to those who suffer from erectile dysfunction in the form of Viagra which contains high amounts of this component. The supplement works by acting on enzymes in the NO pathway causing a chain reaction that enhances its production as well as blood flow.

Increasing Nitric Oxide Levels in the Body

The most common way to increase NO levels in the body is through exercise, a fact that bodybuilders know all too well. When we run or lift weights, our muscles require more oxygen which is supposed to be supplied by our blood. As the heart starts pumping hard the inner lining of the arteries releases nitric oxide which widens arterial walls. This allows more blood to pass through and decreases the effect of lactic acid.

However, when we get older our blood vessels lose a lot of their efficiency due to damage by free radicals, poor diet and inactivity. As a result arteries and veins thin out and compromise blood flow thus making exercise hard.  Compare it to a fire hose; if it is pinched water will not be able to flow at the same speed and pressure. The same is the case with deteriorating arteries; once they start to weaken, blood cannot reach organs and muscles at the same pace and NO production comes to a grinding halt.

There are supplements in the market that can boost NO production but they come with their risks. The main ingredients that they comprise of are citrulline and arginine, two amino acids that produce nitric oxide levels in the body. The former targets lactic acid production by reducing it thus extending the time until muscle failure. The latter can improve workout efficiency by increasing the capacity of blood carrying oxygen to the muscles but only if it is taken with glutamine and BCAAs.

However, one of the most important effects of these supplements for bodybuilders is the ability to increase the production of growth hormones that are responsible for cell and tissue growth. That’s because arginine can reduce the production of somatostatin, a hormone which can reduce production of said growth hormone. In other words, this ingredient has a direct impact on muscle growth and is of particular interest to bodybuilders when its supply is limited in the body.


Side effects and Warnings

There are certain side effects to ingesting more arginine than the body is used to. Most of our supply is fulfilled if we can maintain a standard diet. However, some people have to take them if they suffer from malnutrition. That is not a good idea for bodybuilders though. Taking excessive amounts of arginine either with supplements or with a diet filled with red meat, fish, dairy and poultry can lead to side effects that an amino acid overdose can cause. These include diarrhea, nausea and fatigue which is not good for those who wish to increase muscle mass or lose weight.

This is one of the main reasons why supplements containing high arginine levels were banned by the US in 2010 and by major sport organizations. This includes caffeine and synephrine which are primary components in the most supplements that contain arginine.

In conclusion it would be best to make the body adept enough to produce its own nitric oxide rather than depend on supplements that can do more harm than good for the body in the long run. Maintaining a strict and balanced diet can go a long way in ensuring natural production.